"I was so nervous about driving before learning with Hayley. She kept me at ease and gave me the confidence to progress. She made lessons enjoyable and is such a great instructor. I would highly recommend Hayley to anyone wanting to learn. To pass first attempt shows how good the girl is!"

Stacey Lewis, Passed 1st attempt

"Before Hayley, I had been learning to drive with a different company and never felt confident enough to sit behind a steering wheel, let alone drive. Hayley however, has been incredibly supportive and a patient instructor and is very professional at what she does. I couldn't recommend her enough, I never thought I would pass first time, but I did! Thankyou Hayley!"

Chelsea, Passed 1st attempt

"I really enjoyed being taught by Hayley at Hayley's driving school, I would highly recommend hayley to anyone who is serious about learning to drive."

Jordan Richardson, St Ives, Cambs

"I can't thank Hayley enough for the support and guidance she has given me this past year. Even during my lows, she gave me the confidence I needed to believe in my ability. Thank you so much!"

Anonymous - Passed 1st attempt

"Hayley was extremely flexible by booking lessons around my working hours and a pleasure to learn with. She made the whole experience enjoyable and I would recommend her to anyone"

Jade Eyre, Somersham - Passed 1st attempt

"When i first started driving, i didnt like my instructor he made me feel on edge and unrelaxed. Then i found hayley, she made me feel relaxed, and happy and excited to drive! She became more of a friend as well as an instructor. She's brilliant and i'd recommend her to anyone. I think feeling relaxed and comfortable is key whilst learning to drive, and hayleys the perfect instuctor for this, aswell as learning quickly and effectively! Thanks so much for everything, im very happy with my driving experience and i cant thank hayley enough for all her hard work"

Francesca Morgan, Somersham - Passed 1st attempt

"Hayley helped me overcome my fear of driving with her patience and encouragement. I was constantly learning and gaining confidence, and was made to feel comfortable and not afraid to ask questions when unsure. Hayley is a fantastic driving instructor, without her help I would have never thought I'd see the day I passed my test, let alone first time! Thank you so much Hayley"

Kayley Proudfoot, St Ives - Passed 1st attempt

"I started my driving lessons feeling unconfident and that driving was not something that came naturally to me, BUT driving with Hayley seriously helped to change my way of thinking. Hayley helped me not only learn to drive but build my confidence behind the wheel. At the start of my learning I would make mistakes and be really hard on myself and doubt if I would ever get it right. But with Hayley being a VERY patient instructor and believing in me my confidence started to grow! When my test was looming I felt like a different driver completely, I would go to my lessons excited and confident and I knew I would pass my test! I didn't even think of the alternative and I passed first time!

Hayley is an amazing instructor and a down to earth person.I highly recommend her, especially if you feel you aren't the most confident driver! She will soon change that! Even when you don't have faith in yourself she does! Thank you so much Hayley!!"

Laura Oglesby, Somersham - Passed 1st attempt

"Hayley was a brilliant instructor; just right for me! I had already pre-booked my test before starting with Hayley and started with her after not getting on with a previous instructor. She was able to get me up to test standard within a very short amount of time and made me confident in my driving ability. She was patient and very flexible with arranging lessons. I would fully recommend Hayley as a driving instructor. Thankyou for all your help!"

Beth McElwain, St Ives - Passed 1st attempt

"When I first started driving with Hayley I had never driven before and was very nervous. From day 1 Hayley was very encouraging and made me feel comfortable in the car. Although I found driving didn't come naturally to me, Hayley helped me to build my confidence at my own pace. She always tailored each lesson towards my needs instead of a generic style for everyone. Thank you so much Hayley for helping me to pass!!"

Rebecca Forster, St Ives

"I booked my first lesson with Hayley on my 17th birthday as I was determined to be driving ASAP! Hayley was always on time for picking me up and she always explained the lesson to me very well. During my lessons I would get more and more nervous the further out we travelled but Hayley helped me stay calm and focused and I passed my test first time. Hayley was ever so patient and gave me all the help and support I needed. I without a doubt would recommend Hayley to anyone wanting to learn to drive, her prices are great and she will always have time for anybody! I cannot thank her enough for her time and patience. I had such a great time learning with Hayley"

Molly Parsons, Somersham - Passed 1st attempt

"Hayley taught me in a way which was best for me. She also fitted the driving lessons around my life. She's extremely easy to get along with which is good for first time drivers as it is very nerve racking. She is very supportive and I would highly recommend her to anyone."

Georgina, St Ives